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"Mirror, mirror, on the screen,
What's the fairest site you've seen?"

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It could be yours, if your company has a well-designed Web site! But it won't be yours, if your company either doesn't have a site, or has a site, but it isn't well-designed.
Better Business Webs can help you.  We do custom Web site design, classified advertising on the Web, low-cost one-page Webs for small businesses and much, much more!

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Our President, Cheryl Leff,  writes the Computer Q & A column for the Sacramento Bee.  To send her a question, click on this link:

You can now subscribe to receive Cheryl'Q&A/">order a copy of her new book, High Tech Questions & Answers 2000 - 2002.

You can also read many of her recent columns on the Sacramento Bee's web site.

Cost- Effectiveness

SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) How Cost-Effective is Advertising on the Web?
  • Find out how it compares to advertising in the newspaper, on radio or in the Yellow Pages!

Custom Web Design


SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Is your  business or professional practice ready for its own unique presence on the Web? 
  • We do custom-designed sites that portray your image beautifully!
  • We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses and professional practices.
  • We work with you to communicate your business message in  well-written text and powerful, vivid images.
  • We can also create on-line catalogues and on-line stores.
  • Full e-commerce solutions
SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Check out some of our clients' web sites!


SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Database design and implementation -
  • Is your important company information scattered around in a hodge-podge of unrelated programs residing on various computers?
  • Do your people have to spend time re-entering much of the same information into different documents, in different programs, over and over again?
  • Let Better Business Webs create a database to hold all your information and  integrate it with all your standard documents!
SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Is your firm networked, but you have to struggle to find shared reports, documents, spreadsheets and other files?
  • Let Better Business Webs create an intranet for you! 

Graphic Design

SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) A picture is worth a thousand words - 2,000, if the picture is animated!
  • Custom logos
  • Cartoons
  • Clip art
  • We animate photos, cartoon characters, maps, etc.


SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Do you need to make an important presentation, but lack the time,  skills or tools?
  • Let Better Business Webs create a top-notch, winning computerized presentation for you!
  • We can put your presentation online!

Uses for Websites

SmallBall2.gif (929 bytes) Unsure what to use a Web site for, or what to say on it?
  • Here are some suggestions

Contact Info

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