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We are uniquely well-qualified to create a site that truly represents you.  Among our staff, we include not only the obvious kinds of computer skills and artistic abilities, we also include backgrounds in:

  • Business

    One staff member with an MBA in International Management from Golden Gate University, plus 18 years' management experience, plus experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level business school courses).

    Another staff member who founded her own business and ran it for 16 years, with $5M/year in sales.

    • We understand business!
  • Psychology, both clinical and experimental.  (BA in Psychology from Stanford, plus 3 1/2 years' doctoral study and 6 years' clinical experience.)
    • We understand people and how they think.
    • We understand how various forms of advertising and presentation of information affect them.
  • Database management - Numerous PC and mini-based databases.  Six years constructing and managing a large drug-development information database; constructed a database system to manage >450 simultaneous projects for a unit of Pacific Bell.

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