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Custom Web Design  

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For the growing small business determined to capitalize on the opportunity offered by the Worldwide Web....

Or the professional practice in need of a corporate presence on the Web....
Better Business Webs offers Custom Web Design.

A custom Web can be as simple and plain as you like, or as complex and elaborate.  
Better Business Webs
can create a custom Web that will fit the needs of your business, within the constraints of your budget.  We will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business and how you conduct it, to learn who you are and what kind of image you want to project on the Web.  We need to know your objectives for your Web site:

What do you want it to help you accomplish? 
What kind of information do you want to present, and how much? 
How complex is it, and how often do you expect it to change?  
What other kinds of functionality do you need?  (Customer info forms, order forms, databases, catalogues, shopping cart?)
What kind of image does the site need to portray?  What kind of customers/clients are you trying to attract?   Sophisticated/upscale?  Youth?  Seniors?  Women?  Men? This will affect the image you need to convey, and that will have a large impact on the extent and complexity of custom graphics we will need to create for you.

All of these factors have a major impact on how much work it will take to create the right Web site for you, and that will determine the price.  For that reason, we can't really quote you a stock price here.  (For comparison and further discussion, see the analysis of Cost-Effectiveness of Web Advertising vs. Other Forms of Advertising.)

Some of the other items that can be incorporated include:

Custom graphics
  • Custom logos, cartoons and other art work.
  • Original drawings
  • Animation
    • Photos of objects that normally move, e.g., waterfalls, swimming pools, prosthetics, etc.
    • Cartoons
    • Composite art work
    • Maps with moving cars, buses, trucks, stars, etc.  (For example, to show that your business has moved.)
All of our graphics are carefully optimized to download quickly, so your Web visitors won't get bored waiting for them and surf off somewhere else!
On-line catalogues in a variety of formats
Complex text-and-graphic layout, similar to what is found in magazine articles or fancy printed brochures.  (See the Cost-Effectiveness page for some examples.)
Full e-commerce sites available, complete with shopping cart, on-line ordering and credit card acceptance.  We can even help you obtain a merchant account, so you can accept credit card orders.
Search Engine registration is included in the price of all custom Webs.

Less obvious, but just as important, we pride ourselves on creating sites with:

Well-thought-out, logical, well-organized layouts.
Easy-to-find, easy-to-use navigation controls throughout the site.
Hard-hitting, well-written prose that presents your material in an interesting, attention-getting, memorable way.
  • Great writing style.
  • Excellent grammar!
  • Correct spelling! 

(We're appalled at how many Web sites are littered with poor English, bad grammar and worse spelling!  And we think that reflects poorly on a Web site's authors and clients.)

Optimized for Search Engines.  Every page has embedded meta tags ("description" and "keywords") that Search Engines look for and give extra weight in ranking your site.  You don't see these tags, but Search Engines do.  They help to determine whether your site comes up in the first set of "hits", or the hundredth!


See the Clients page for some of our clients.


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