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How We Price Our Work

Every Web site we create is a unique, custom job.  We prefer to meet with you in person (unless you are geographically distant) and get to know you and your business.  Based on that meeting, we will make a written proposal, describing in detail what we propose to do.  Often, we will give you several options, with prices for each. We will present the proposal in person, if possible, and go over it in detail with you.  The proposal includes a detailed cost estimate, so you can see exactly how many hours of work, of what kind, we expect to do, and how much each item will cost.   We are happy to make whatever changes you want at this point; if they are significant, we will re-calculate the estimate. 

Once you accept the proposal, it defines the scope of the project and provides the basis for our contract with you.  We work very hard to insure that everything in the final site satisfies you in every way.  However, if you request changes that differ significantly from the accepted proposal, that expands the scope of the project, which will increase the cost to you.  We will advise you any time your requested changes are going to result in increased cost, so that you can decide whether you want to go through with them, or not.

Other than our Small Business Specials, we don't offer stock packages.   However, we can give you a rough idea of how much Web sites of different sizes and types will cost.  We find that, on average, custom sites run between $300-$500 per page, exclusive of advanced features such as custom programming, databases or shopping carts. 

  • The biggest single factor in determining cost per page is usually the extent and nature of graphics used. 
    • If you have a very simple. plain site, and you provide all the graphics in ready-to-use form, the cost will be much lower than if we create custom graphic backgrounds, a lot of art, highly edited photos or animations. 
    • On the other hand, these features are often what give your site the greatest impact and make it eye-catching, distinctive and memorable.  (The old "one picture is worth a thousand words" principle...)
  • Custom programming (e.g., interactive tests, graphics that vary according to user choices, etc.), forms, database connectivity, or e-commerce solutions all cost more, and vary a lot, depending on your requirements and choices.
    • However, these features can greatly extend the functionality of your site, increase your potential for revenue, and/or make it more of a custom experience for your visitors.
  • We will also provide you with an estimate of how long it will take to complete your site.  However, our experience has shown us that the rate-limiting factor is almost always how fast the client provides us with their materials!   So, you have a great deal of control over how long the project takes.  The faster you do your part, the sooner we can do ours.

Payment Schedule:

For most jobs, we request 1/3 of the estimated price as a down payment.   Another third is due when the site setup and layout, major graphics and navigation controls are complete.  Once we have something for you to look at, we will upload it to a test site so you can look at it and give us your feedback.  When the site is complete and ready for upload to its final location and you have approved it, the final payment is due.  We will then upload your site and register it with the major search engines.

In the case of very small sites, we may divide it into fewer payments; very large sites may be divided into more payments.


We will gladly accept your check, and of course, cash.  We aren't accepting credit cards at present.  However, we do work with lenders who are willing to finance Web sites, so we can help you obtain financing.

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